Here’s a bit about me first!  My real name is Emilie. I am 29 years old and living in Vancouver, WA.  I am originally from Iowa and made the move west in 2014.  Since then I have married my high school sweetheart (Andrew), dabbled in veganism, and have had the opportunity to explore all of the beauty that currently surrounds me in the PNW.  Once I moved my eyes were opened to so many possibilities and experiences that weren’t available to me before and I will be forever grateful for this.  I have always loved adventure and jumped at the opportunity to travel and share new experiences with those around me, so blogging seems like a natural fit.


What is my blog all about?  I can’t seem to find a single thing that I am passionate about, so my blog is about everything!  You will find lots of travel, hiking, music/transformation festivals, recipes, and eats around Portland and other cities that I travel to. We recently bought a home, so I’m sure I’ll throw some our projects in the mix as well.

When I’m not working my full time job (working with individuals with disabilities) or blogging I enjoy interior design, snuggling with our cat Kiki, reading, listening to Nahko and Medicine for the People,  and watching Netflix (I’m a crime show fanatic).  I also love plants and gardening and have way more houseplants than the average person thanks to my husband.






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