Hiking the Gorge: Punchbowl Falls

I told you we had a lot to catch you up on and I had some down time today so here's a quick peek at Punchbowl Falls! The Columbia River Gorge has some of the best hiking, especially day hikes. This trip out to Punchbowl Falls was a short 3.5 mile round trip hike. We … Continue reading Hiking the Gorge: Punchbowl Falls


Columbia River

I seriously love the ocean and would give nearly everything to go back to Bandon and spend a couple carefree weeks on the coast. However, since I must work and maintain some level of responsibility (most of the time) I just wanted to share with you, again, the beauty of Portland, Vancouver, and the Columbia … Continue reading Columbia River

Happy Holidays

Now that Christmas has come and gone and the tree is finally put away time to reminisce about the beauty that is the holiday season! I absolutely love Christmas, so recently my Instagram has been spammed with twinkling holiday photos. Let's start off the holiday reflection with a bit of a comparison between Christmas in … Continue reading Happy Holidays