House Life

Having a house is "the best thing since sliced bread" in my opinion.  Since I moved out of my parent's I have always lived in an apartment.  Which means that I have always had neighbors who were literally in just the next room over, I have had no yard, or porch, or any sort of access … Continue reading House Life

Hey You Guuuyyys!

Day 2 of anniversary weekend we decided to take a roadtrip to Astoria! I absolutely love The Goonies so this trip was a must for me....I may have drug Andrew along 😉 The drive was long, but pretty! We took Hwy 30 (yes, the Iowa Hwy 30) through the trees and along the Columbia River … Continue reading Hey You Guuuyyys!

9 Years

This weekend Andrew and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. That's right folks, you read correctly, 9 amazing years with this fella! He's my one and only, my high school sweetheart. Seriously, check out the changes in Andrew's hair! Me, I think I look the same, but he's a completely different guy! I love getting … Continue reading 9 Years