Lightning in a Bottle

We kicked off festival season with our favorite festival yet! Over Memorial Day weekend we drove down to California for Lightning in a Bottle. We took off late Wednesday for an overnight roadtrip to meet up with our friends in San Francisco. Everything went something the first chunk of our trip, we had great roadtrip music, were all set on snacks, and were making good time. After picking up one of our friends in Bandon we took off down Hwy 101 for our final stop. Around 4:00am Andrew’s car started to make a terrible scraping noise so we pulled off to the side of the road hoping it was nothing major. The last town was 30 miles behind us and none of us are particularly experienced with car repair.

Turns out Andrew’s muffler had broken off and was dragging along the road…we had no extra time to spare and there was no way we were missing this festival so I called my dad (thank goodness for the two hour time difference so he was actually awake). His suggestion, find some wire on the side of the road and tie it up. Of course there was no wire to be found, so we went with the next best option and used boot laces, thanks Mel. We thought it would just be a temporary fix, but we managed to make it all the way to San Francisco and back to Vancouver with the muffler tied up with boot laces!

LIB is seriously the most amazing festival! I would encourage anyone to go at least once, but I know you’ll have to keep going back. Not only do they have amazing artists, the stages are all a work of art, the wellness and yoga classes are wonderful, and the people there are some of the best you’ll ever meet.  I have a really hard time explaining to people why I love festivals so much and hopefully in the future I’ll be better able to put it into words, but for now I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Seriously guys, you need to go to LIB next year. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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