House Life

Having a house is “the best thing since sliced bread” in my opinion.  Since I moved out of my parent’s I have always lived in an apartment.  Which means that I have always had neighbors who were literally in just the next room over, I have had no yard, or porch, or any sort of access to the outside, and that I have had minimal space and opportunity to decorate and actually personalize the space that I am living in.  We are still renting, but this spot is going to be more long term so we are taking the time to add our own personal touches this go around.  And when I say more long term I mean I am actually going to renew the lease at the end of the year.  Together, Andrew and I have moved 8 times in the last four years, ridiculous right?!? Our parents would agree.  You were introduced to the front of our house a few blogs ago, but in case you forgot here it is again:


I was so incredibly excited for fall and for having a front porch that I didn’t waste any time in decorating for fall.  At the beginning of October we took our trip to the pumpkin patch.  Iowa set my pumpkin patch standards pretty high (I mean, who can beat a giant trampoline), but Sauvie Island offered a pretty close second with The Pumpkin Patch.  Honestly, the best part (we don’t have kiddos and we both grew up on farmers so factor that into my judgement) was their market.  We missed the Vancouver Farmers market so we took the chance to stock up on all the yummy fall foods!  I was also beyond excited to get crafty again and make a fall wreathe for the porch.  I found everything that I needed for 50% off at JoAnns fabric.  I made my wreathe using a wire wreathe frame,  tulle in both orange and brown, orange and brown plaid ribbon, and random fall decorations throughout the store.  I’m quite impressed with how it turned out!


Not only have we been busy decking out the outside of the house for fall, but we have been working on filling and decorating the inside.  After moving from a studio apartment, finding enough stuff to fill a 2 bedroom house has proven quite challenging.  We have moved the location of the “living room” twice after realizing that we don’t really need a formal dining room, seriously who uses those things anyway?  I now think we finally have the perfect the perfect, cozy boho living room layout.

IMG_1036Our next step is to figure out the front room.  I think we are going to make it a cozy sitting room  with chairs in front of the fire and try to line the interior wall with book shelves.  Right now it’s just an empty room housing my sewing machine and crafty supplies for our Freaknight costumes.



Also on this list is our bedroom.  Again, we were going with a colorful, boho, eclectic feel.  I fell in love with our duvet cover at Urban Outfitters and had to have it.  That’s primarily what we’ve based our decorating around.  The dresser we bought off of Craigslist.  It was a cool, but very worn mid century design so we pained it a cracked bronze and covered the dresser drawers in an olive burlap fabric.  Right now I am working on making tons of burlap throw pillows for our bed in all the colors on the duvet cover…2 down, lots more to go!

IMG_1047-0IMG_0864We can’t wait to continue to add to our bedroom to make if more cozy.  I’m thinking sketches from all of our artistic friends on the walls, an old brass bed frame, and a tulle canopy with string lights over the bed.  I am incredibly happy with the changes we have made over the past 2 months and am excited to see what we can continue to add during the winter months when we’re stuck inside!  We have left the spare bedroom as is for now.  It is currently acting as Andrew’s closet and dressing room as the closet in our bedroom is TINY.  We have also had a few friends who may have the opportunity to live us for a bit so right now we are leaving it as a blank slate for them, as much as I truly do hate the floral wallpaper.  If anyone has any recommendations we would love to hear them!



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