Hey You Guuuyyys!

Day 2 of anniversary weekend we decided to take a roadtrip to Astoria! I absolutely love The Goonies so this trip was a must for me….I may have drug Andrew along 😉

The drive was long, but pretty! We took Hwy 30 (yes, the Iowa Hwy 30) through the trees and along the Columbia River most of the way.

We took off right away when we woke up, so our first stop for the morning (well, afternoon technically) was food! We ventured into the cute little downtown area of Astoria first and ate at Blue Scorcher Cafe, a cute vegetarian bakery! We started off with a cinnamon roll and then both ordered a sandwich/salad combo. Andrew got the tempeh Reuben and I order a mushroom/feta sandwich. They were both so fantastic that we finished them off before we could snap a picture! The food was great, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the setup. While waiting for the group ahead of us to order a group cut in front of us and took all of the bear claws (Andrew’s favorite) and we ended up sharing our table with 2 ladies that talked so loudly that Andrew and I couldn’t maintain a conversation. I would suggest going for the food, but try to hit it when there’s a lull.

After brunch we headed the the Astoria column (probably a bad idea right after lunch), but it was still fun! If you visit Astoria make sure you drive a vehicle that can handle hills, there wasn’t a flat block in the entire town!

Like I said, not the best idea to climb this thing on a full stomach! The inside is a spiral staircase all the way to the top. I definitely lost my bearings twirling a hundred stairs up! But the view was incredible!


Next stop on this trip, THE GOONIES HOUSE! This was literally the sole purpose of the entire trip…walking up the driveway to take a picture of someone’s house and then walking back down to the car…but THE GOONIES!


We also stopped by the film museum, which is the same building as the jail at the beginning of the movie. They also have the Fratellis jeep parked outside, bullet holes and everything! We didn’t go into the museum, but they do have more movie memorabilia inside.

Our last stop before heading back to Portland was to spend some time on the pier. Astoria has the Oregon Maritime Museum and is a Coast Guard City so there were lots of boats! We did run into a Rogue Brewery on the pier as well so we grabbed some appetizers and a drink before heading home. Their beer is fantastic and a loaf of the beer bread is a must to take home! Plus, we were lucky enough to grab a seat right by the window and have a fantastic view of the water and sea lions!



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